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The Dog House Staff are happy to administer any veterinarian prescribed medications your pet requires, with the exception of injections.( Unless Diabetic)

Please make sure to tell our staff when making a reservation that your pet will need medication.

  • As required by the USDA, medications must be brought in their original container from the vet or pharmacy and be clearly labeled with your pet’s name, veterinarian contact info, and dosage.
  • There is a charge for administering prescribed medication of $3.00/pet/day. Nonprescribed medications, supplements, ointments, etc. will incur a $3.00 per day charge. The Dog House cannot guarantee that the pet will ingest them, however.
  • The Dog House reserves the right to refuse any pet that is not up to date on vaccinations or shows signs of illness or injury.
  • Any pet that shows evidence of fleas or ticks will be given a medicated bath at the owner’s expense.