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Dog Grooming


*We are still offering a la carte services (see dog & cat boarding)*

Dogs have their own personalities and temperaments that need to be accommodated during grooming. Our goal to make sure your pet feels as happy and comfortable as possible in our care.

From a standard bath to a full-service groom, we offer a variety of dog grooming services that are just right for your pet. Due to different breeds, temperament of your dog, condition of coat and time needed to complete services, grooming cost may need to be adjusted. Please let us know before your dog’s appointment of any special needs your furry friend may have. We look forward to making your dog look fantastic!

Full Service Dog Groom · Bath & Brush Service · Nail Care · Specialty Care

Dog Grooming Rates

We service all breeds including (but not limited to) the following. All prices are base starting prices and are subject to change due to matting or behavior of your pet.

Starting Prices:

  • Australian Shepherds $65
  • Beagles $40
  • Bichons $50
  • Border Collies $50
  • Boston Terriers $40
  • Cocker Spaniels $65
  • Daschunds $40
  • German Shepherds $70
  • Goldens $75
  • Havanese$50
  • Huskies$75
  • Italian Greyhounds$40
  • Japchins$50
  • Labs$65
  • Lhasas$55
  • Maltese$50
  • Pomeranians$50
  • Poodles$75
  • Pugs$40
  • Schnauzers$50-80
  • Scotties$60
  • Shelties$75
  • Shih tzus$50
  • Westies$55
  • Yorkies$40
  • *Any large breed over 90 lbs.$55-90

And many more! Call for details.

All grooming rates subject to change.

Separate Pet Services


  • Anal Gland Expression $20
  • Ear plucking $15
  • Eye Trim $15
  • Walk-In Nail Clipping $15
  • Nail Cut & Dremel $20
  • Dremel Only $15
  • Blueberry Facials$5
  • Flea & Tick Baths$20